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/Chisinau, 4 April 2013/ - On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the April 2009 events Human Rights Embassy launched a new project, „Stop Torture in Moldova”.


International human rights organization Human Rights Embassy is concerned with authorities’ impotence in combating torture and cruel treatment in Moldova. Four years on, impunity, lack of timely, effective and thorough investigation of cases of torture and cruel treatment, as well as inhuman conditions of detention are still relevant for Moldova.


The Human Rights Embassy team developed a narrowly specific website within the "Stop Torture in Moldova" project with the support of the "Atlas of Torture" projects’ small grants program, funded by the European Commission. 


“Our hope is that the "Stop Torture in Moldova" website will become a comprehensive informational resource for wider public in Moldova (on both banks of the Nistru), victims of human rights violations in terms of rights and effective defense of victims of torture and other cruel treatment or punishment at national, regional, and international level,” said Lela Metreveli, Executive Director at Human Rights Embassy.


The project’s goal creating a useful informational resource for both victims and potential victims of human rights violations, as well as professional groups working on cases of torture, cruel treatment and unlawful detention by providing guidance for them for effective combating and preventing torture in Moldova.


The website not only states and describes the problem of torture and other cruel treatment in Moldova, but also identifies paths for solving this systemic problem. The website is supposed to facilitate identification of the torture phenomenon by the wider public, separation of the definitions of torture and other cruel treatment or punishment, provision of practical recommendations to victims and potential victims of torture, cruel treatment and unlawful detention for defending their rights.


The website will provide information on which national, regional and international mechanisms envisage the defense of the rights of victims torture and cruel punishment, in which instances the rights of victims should be defended, how one shall defend his/her rights in Moldova, how one shall lodge complaints with the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Committee. No less important is information on how one shall document cases of torture, how one shall correctly use medical check-ups, reports and other medical documents in national and international instances.


“While the project „Stop Torture in Moldova” runs, experts – defence lawyers and lawyers – will provide pro bono consultations, primary legal aid to victims of torture, cruel treatment and unlawful detention. All results regarding primary legal aid for specific cases of human rights violations will be summed and aggregated on the site (without releasing confidential / personal data of the project’s beneficiaries). For this an interactive banner „Pro-bono consultations” is available, clicking which will lead to an online fill-in form that should be completed in order to obtain help. The term for pro bono consultations is limited, therefore, we urge interested persons contact us in good time,” stressed Lela Metreveli.


In order to cover the whole territory of Moldova (including its Transnistrian region), the site is available in two languages (Russian and Romanian). Thus, the site may serve a useful informational resource for all post-Soviet countries where Russian is a lingua franca.





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